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Hike through history... cycle back centuries...

Why go Wolfhound?

A Wolfhound Adventure Tour is a relaxed paced, multi-activity adventure tour of Ireland for all age groups. Our adventures run year-round and cater for anyone who wants to discover Ireland's hidden secrets in a fun and adventurous way.

Wolfhound leaves the well trodden path and explores more of Ireland's quaint towns, hidden valleys and rugged wilderness.

Small Groups

Our small group sizes (max 13) mean that you have more time to explore more of Ireland at your pace.

Bike 'n Hike

Every day of your Wolfhound Adventure will feature a mix of bikes, hikes and history. We bring our 'wolfcicles' along with us on our custom-made trailer so you are free to explore more each day when you feel like it.

But there's so much more! With Wolfhound you'll be guided on wonderful wilderness hikes into Ireland's past ... to ancient stone circles, castles and ruined ringforts; to world-heritage islands, monasteries, waterfalls and deserted beaches.


There's also the chance for you to try out new and fun activities, from kayaking with wild seals, to relaxing in a warm Atlantic sea weed bath, from learning to surf a wave to horse-riding with glistening white sands under hoof.

Private 100% Irish Guide

You'll be guided round Ireland by your award-winning 100% Irish Wolfhound guide and you'll be entertained with myths, legends, poems, music, songs and local stories right from the horse's mouth as it were.

Superb Accommodation

Each night on a Wolfhound Adventure you'll stay in the finest B+B accommodation we could find. After a great day's adventuring you'll rest your head in cosy surroundings after exploring more of Ireland's local culture, her traditional pubs, her music and her tasty cuisine from fresh fish to locally farmed lamb.

Each day of your adventure on a Wolfhound tour is tailor made to your likes, dislikes and abilities. If you've had enough of hiking and biking through history we'll spend time exploring more of Ireland's local crafts and art. We can stop off to trace family history, indulge in some retail therapy in local markets, or simply sit on a stone wall and watch the world go by. After all with Wolfhound ... it's your adventure.


On a Wolfhound trip you'll be immersed in the stories, myths, music, legends and landscape of Ireland. But we know it's important for you to keep in touch with home. So Wolfhound provides you with free Wifi on board the Wolfmobile (or wolf-fi if you will) so that in between your hikes and bike rides you can Tweet, Facebook or let the world know that you've seen the fairies. All of the accommodation we use also have Wifi access which is usually free too so you can blog in the evenings if that's your thing.

Movie Locations in Ireland

In recent years Ireland has been chosen as the location for some iconic scenes from famous movies. If you're a movie buff it's possible to visit some of these en route. To name but a few - Ryan's Daughter, The Field, Leap Year, Far and Away, Braveheart, The Quiet Man and of course the most recent blockbuster to visit our shores from a galaxy far far away. Star Wars episode VII and episode VIII filmed on location in Ireland in 2014, 2015 and 2016. (Skellig Michael and Dingle - 6 Day Southwest trip). On the Northern trip we'll also be hitting up some of the Game of Thrones locations if you're a fan.

Geocaching in Ireland

As Wolfhound is a family friendly Irish tour company, if you'd like to mix in a little geocaching with your Wolfhound Adventure Tour here's the good news - Ireland has thousands of great geocaches for you to discover and on Wolfhound Adventure Tour we will come across many of them.

In fact some of our routes have been especially tailored so that geocachers can find some great geocaches while exploring more on one of our legendary Adventure Tours of Ireland.

While not exclusively a geocache adventure tour of Ireland, Wolfhound gives you the freedom to add this in to your adventure if you wish. We can even provide you with a GPS and the waypoints you might need to find some awesome caches.

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