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We spent our time far from the big bus tours - at ring forts, passage graves, in the mountains, along rivers and on the most amazing beaches - this is the only way to see Ireland.

Activities - Hiking and Heritage Tours of Ireland

Hike through history, stroll back centuries

Touring Ireland was once about sitting in a big coach and being herded from store to store. Not any more!

These days it's about getting into the landscape, breathing the fresh Irish air, hiking to those ancient lost places and exploring more.

Every day with Wolfhound features a mix of great fun activities to make your Ireland Adventure unforgettable.

Heritage Hikes

Wolfhound walks are chosen to give you a reason to get out into the wilderness.

We'll clamber over stone walls and crawl into ancient tombs. We'll hike along ancient pilgrimage paths and walk to waterfalls and weather permitting we'll picnic on cliff tops and in summer meadows.

Wilderness Wanders

We drive into Ireland's most beautiful and remote places and then let you off to wander past the sheep and cows, through valleys and by forgotten lakes.

You'll explore more at leisure and meet the locals in the fields, cottages and towns.

You'll find lost famine villages, discover up close Ireland's flora and fauna and all of this far away from the coach tours.

Other Wolfhound Wonders

Because of our small group sizes, we are able to partake in lots of other enjoyable activities.

You can kayak with seals, learn to surf an Atlantic wave, go horse-riding on really remote sandy beaches or rent a bike if you wish in a couple of locations.

There's the chance to relax in the sea-weed baths of Ireland's West coast or take optional boat trips to magical Islands. Wolfhound gives you the opportunity to explore more.

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