The O'Reilly's – Dublin, Ireland

Our kids have told us they want to holiday in Ireland every year. Thank you for showing us the deep-rooted wonder of our own country. The legends, the tombs, the great activities. Grand, brilliant, gorgeous.

Family & Private Adventure Tours of Ireland

Perfect for families, private tours or corporate trips

You can relax and let your 100% Irish Wolfhound Guide do all the planning, driving and arranging for you. After all, it's your adventure.

So why go Private?

  • Tailor-Made Itinerary

    On a private Wolfhound Adventure Tour you will have your adventure completely tailor-made to suit your group whether it's a family, group of friends or a corporate trip.

    You will have the undivided attention of your 100% Irish Wolfhound guide who will cater for your every desire (within reason!).

    You can navigate with your guide and we'll see where the wind takes you. It's the best way to travel. If you are tracing your roots then we'll divert to the towns, churches or graveyards that you need to see.

    As a private group you can decide exactly what type of accommodation you'd like from hostels to hotels, castles to campsites.

  • Families

    If your family want to have all the fun of a Wolfhound Adventure and all the privacy of a self-drive then why not book a private adventure with us.

    You can leave your stuff lying around the vehicle, shout and curse all you like even dry your clothes on one of the seats and no one will mind - it's your adventure.

    Your 100% Irish Wolfhound Guide will do all the worrying and stressing for you so there'll be no hassle, no worries and no disagreements.

    You'll be free to sit back enjoy your vacation and get to have real fun with the family. It's great. Maybe your family would like to round off your adventure with a night in a Castle.

    On a Private Wolfhound Adventure Tour anything is possible.

  • Corporate Groups

    If you're thinking of an interesting way to challenge and reward your management team or would simply like some fun time away from the office a mixed activity Wolfhound Private Adventure is the only way to go.

    You can hike, bike, kayak, learn to surf, and have your accommodation tailor made to suit your budget and tastes. Castles available on request.

  • Choices

    On a Private Wolfhound Adventure Tour if you would like to divide the group for different activities it's a little bit easier than on a standard departure.

    As it's your adventure if half of your group would like to play golf or go fishing while the other half would prefer arts and crafts or shopping, your 100% Irish Wolfhound Guide will make it happen.

    It's that easy. Meanwhile you can go on relaxing and enjoying your dream Irish vacation.

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